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Friendfiction Anders Edition
The sun was just disappearing over the horizon when the exhausted Templar trotted into the village on horseback, face made blank by the steel helmet issued to all of his rank for that very purpose. His horse was far more energetic than he was, as he had picked it up the village before, having travelled from the Circle on foot before that. He dismounted outside of the Chantry, much to the complaint of his aching legs, and tied the horse's reins to one of the rings embedded in the buildings stone wall. He gave the mare a friendly pat on the flank with a gauntleted hand.
A few local boys gave his deep red skirts a tug in hope of a few coins, but his profession meant he didn't carry money, even for charitable purposes. His first stop was the inhabitants excuse for a tavern- not to drink, but to pass around a description of the mage he was looking for.
It didn't take long before someone hazarded that they'd seen the young man going into the cowshed belonging to a farmer whose name the Templ
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The village of Monteriggioni was almost perfectly still, for once. No yowling cats, no crying children… Silence.
There was a scrabbling of feet on stone as Desmond Miles, not quite Assassin extraordinaire, shuffled up the side of the villa grabbing onto ledges that he couldn't see but knew like the back of his hand. This was easy- he had practiced it a hundred times.
What he was not so practiced at was having to stop and point out the tiny handholds to someone else as he climbed. A less than a minute journey was stretched as he worked as his companions eyes.
"You know, if we'd gone on the side with the streetlights you wouldn't be having this problem." He threw the comment down with a smile, free of malicious intent.
"And we would've been in front of a streetlight Desmond, light up like the fourth of July," Lucy answered. "What's so important you had to bring me up here anyway?"
He glanced back down at her. "You'll see."
As he reached the rooftop he turned and gave her a h
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Bad Joke Waiting To Happen... by Death-of-Penguins Bad Joke Waiting To Happen... :icondeath-of-penguins:Death-of-Penguins 5 1


Post-DH George OneShot
God, the corridor was in ruins.  George ducked his head through the haze of smoke and debris and struggled down the hallway.  He was sure he had heard Percy yelling, but now the floor was deserted.  Flashes and bangs echoed from up ahead, but they were already in the stairwell.  He held his wand out in front of him, waiting for the slightest movement.
He ran over the litany of his family members as he struggled down the hallway.  He had just seen Bill going after Fenrir Greyback mere minutes ago; Fleur and Kingsley were with him, so he pushed them aside.  His mother and father, the last he had seen, had been fighting on the second floor; they had attempted to follow Tonks and Lupin onto the grounds but were cut off by several Death Eaters.  He had no idea where Charlie or Ginny were; his stomach churned.  If Ginny got killed… he tripped over a fragmented suit of armor.  Ron and Percy, he was
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...for Christmas? by Ao-Bluekitsune ...for Christmas? :iconao-bluekitsune:Ao-Bluekitsune 1,062 330 Gene Hunt - Auror by Ferntree Gene Hunt - Auror :iconferntree:Ferntree 255 90 Lightning and Snow by RazKurdt Lightning and Snow :iconrazkurdt:RazKurdt 70 39 TerraVen :: Blow Me Away by Namineh TerraVen :: Blow Me Away :iconnamineh:Namineh 645 0 ven's weekend by illbewaiting ven's weekend :iconillbewaiting:illbewaiting 1,221 127 Beat+Rhyme - Lazy Rhyme by Nyaasu Beat+Rhyme - Lazy Rhyme :iconnyaasu:Nyaasu 373 88 + Sephiroth's moving castle + by Bunny-Boss + Sephiroth's moving castle + :iconbunny-boss:Bunny-Boss 503 193 Power of Books by vamp666akuma Power of Books :iconvamp666akuma:vamp666akuma 165 90 Mama Umbridge by Bluesky55j Mama Umbridge :iconbluesky55j:Bluesky55j 256 52 Celebration TRiK by mrbumbz Celebration TRiK :iconmrbumbz:mrbumbz 240 480 PandaKun by mrbumbz PandaKun :iconmrbumbz:mrbumbz 98 23 Okami Inkheart by Penfell Okami Inkheart :iconpenfell:Penfell 44 84 MontyPythonsFlyingOrganization by Dakt37 MontyPythonsFlyingOrganization :icondakt37:Dakt37 33 71 Penguins in my fridge? by penguinluv4ever Penguins in my fridge? :iconpenguinluv4ever:penguinluv4ever 230 134 yin-yang tigers by ChartreuseBoots yin-yang tigers :iconchartreuseboots:ChartreuseBoots 1,232 71


Right, I don't really hang about here any more. I'm mostly on Tumblr, see link in Deviant ID.

I just don't want old stuff cluttering up my page any more.

No one cares, and I don't know that many people that still come on here, but I thought I'd neaten this place up a bit.

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I just thought I should update this, because it's embarrassing. I write, I don't do art. I don't have art skills, but my writing- as far as I've been told by my peers, and Advanced Higher English teacher- is pretty decent.


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